Metaphysical Coaching

Metaphysical Coaching with Steven Bettles

Metaphysical Coaching is as it sounds. It’s a coaching program based on metaphysical perception about the best action steps for you to take next in your life. These actions steps can be used in business, relationships, money creation or creative expression. But most specifically they are used to focus your intent towards your greatest creative expression, the expression you decided upon before reincarnating into this existence.

Steven provides practical tools that you can apply to align with what it is you are seeking to achieve. By learning about subconscious blocks, connecting to your higher (inner) self, and allowing your true higher essence to flow into this dimension, you will achieve your own personal greatness effortlessly.

The coaching program goes for either 4 weeks or 8 weeks depending upon your spiritual skill levels.

Knowing your “Destiny” is not enough, the application of your destiny is where true fulfillment arrives. Steven will take you through a practical series of actions that will allow your purpose to be actioned. It is suggested you have a reading first to assess if Steven is the right metaphysical coach for you.

If you are not sure if 4 weeks or 8 weeks will work best for you please email Steven to discuss the best options for you.


Enjoy your Journey.



Steven conducts live online coaching sessions using Skype. Each coaching session is recorded as an MP3 and emailed to you after the reading.

Coaching sessions are by a short term weekly subscription of 4 weeks or 8 weeks.

Please note: One Time readings are recommended prior to Metaphysical Coaching and can be booked at any time. Please allow 12-24 hours to confirm appointment time.


4 x 60 Minute Sessions via Skype AUD $115.00 Per Session – Weekly for 4 weeks 7.5% Discount

8 x 60 Minute Sessions via Skype AUD $100.00 Per Session – Weekly for 8 weeks 20% Discount

*You will be directed to PayPal and payment will be made to Pathways 33 Pty Ltd


Payment & Usage Policy

Payment for readings are in advance and booking time is confirmed via email. If you fail to attend your reading there are no refunds.

Cancellations or postponements must be confirmed 48 hours prior to scheduled reading.

Readings can be booked and paid up to 24 hours prior to reading.