Quest – Are you on Your Quest?


The way to know if you are on your quest is determined by how often you ask a “Question of yourself” about your life.

The “Quest” is known in the Authurian Legend as the Knights who sought the Holy Grail or “The Chalice of God”. In metaphysics the Chalice of God is the archetypal symbol of the Higher Self (Highest part of your consciousness) merging with your Physical Self (The lowest part of your consciousness), permeating past the mind and the emotions.

The upper cup of the Chalice is the symbol for the out pouring of source energy overflowing, while the base of the Chalice is the foundation for spirit to exist. The thin neck of the chalice represents the connection between spirit and form and shows that one cannot truly exist without the other.

Holy Grail

The Quest is a powerful metaphor for an individual seeking their own personal truth and expressing it in “Real” terms into the world they inhabit. Simply ‘feeling’ spiritual is not enough, actualising spirit is the path of the quiet sage.

I use the gentle ocean picture in the header of my website to symbolise the connection between spirit and form. The water is the symbol of spirit and the beach is the symbol of the physical. Without each other there is no definition, no boundary line of reality. This is the significance of the higher self entering this world. If there is no exchange, no hand shake between higher and lower energy, then there is no evolution, there is no growth.

Everything that I do encourages and inspires an individual to seek their higher expression into this world to achieve satisfaction, fulfillment and evolvement.

I encourage you to unleash your highest genius into this world.



Steven Bettles