David Pedlar – Metaphysical Coaching

I have known Steven for about 15 years and consider him to be one of the most gifted psychic/metaphysical coaches I have ever experienced.

His unique combination of talents, skills and sensitivities produces a reading of extraordinary deftness and breathtaking acuity

He is an exceptionally intuitive reader, with a precision and focus forged form his extensive skills, training in the field of quantum physics. Accordingly his readings and teachings always elicit clarity, insight and action!

Stevens readings are instrumental in terms of facilitating Higher Self awareness and creating my own (metaphysical) adventure! :)

I always come away from Stevens readings feeling totally enlivened, energised and empowered!

I give him my “triple A” rating – ALWAYS ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!

Many thanks

David Pedlar

Joanne Taylor Page – Psychic Reading & Coaching

I was recommended by a good friend of mine two years ago to have a soul reading with Steven Bettles. At that time all areas of my life were in turmoil and I was dealing with a lot of confusion about my life.

I felt all the walls of my life had been broken down and I was at the lowest point of my journey.

I found my first reading with Steven to be a little unsettling as he seemed to know a lot about me. I found out later he was reading me at the soul level. At the time I wasn’t sure whether what he was saying was really for me, but over time I could see he had seen things in me to pin point accuracy.

As it turned out the guidance he gave me was extremely accurate and the activities he made me do really have allowed me to take charge of my life.

He had a unique way of knowing what my higher self was trying to say to me, and now after many regular readings with him I feel I am back on track and really getting on with my true path.

I highly recommend anyone who is searching for a clearer purpose and to reconnect with their true self to have a reading with Steven.

Thank you so much Steven for guiding me and allowing me to be in my greatness.

Warm regards

Jo Page

Gigi Lindros – Business Mentorship

Steven Bettles is quick to respond and deal with issues you might have. His mentorship include great knowledge about business in any stage of the business cycle.

I personally like that he doesn’t waste any time when mentoring, he is tough with his questions and you feel he has YOUR business best interest at heart.

This combination has a great value to me and I highly recommend his services to your business as well.

Your sincerely

Gigi Lindros – Gas Safe Australia

Mary-Anne Frank – Practitioner to Practitioner Coaching

Steven and I have swapped a reading from time to time. I am a professional Intuitive and EFT, Mind therapist coach.

The thing I love about how Steven reads is his incredible connection to the energy flow of using his insights into Quantum Physics. The way he describes how the energy works from this perspective gives me the direction, and deep insights like no one else, giving the path for me to move forward in the manner I wish to create.

I recommend Steven for those who are willing to learn and expand their consciousness to a higher level of being. He has an exceptional mind to which I have great respect.

Mary-Anne FrankMary-Anne Frank