Steven Bettles

Steven Bettles Metaphysical Coach

  • Become clear about your purpose in this life
  • Go beyond your ‘lower self’ thinking and arrive at connection with your ‘Higher Self” Essence
  • Learn how to interface with the “Energy world” around you and read every situation clearly, and always be in the right place at the right time
  • Gather awareness about people in your life and maximise your experience with then
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A little about Steven Bettles.

Steven has studied many forms of Metaphysics and Spirituality and uses a unique, yet simple way of translating complex spiritual concepts into everyday terminology.

Steven has also produced a successful television series that spanned eights years in Australia called Pathways. Each week Steven would interview a different guest from the alternative health or new age industries covering a multitude of subjects. From these hundreds of interviews Steven has discovered that all modalities are interconnected and follow the same set of universal rules. In all of Steven’s teachings he provides these simple rules in a no nonsense and plain speaking language.

Steven also has a keen interest in mathematics, physics and chemistry that aligns brilliantly with his metaphysical understandings. He uses his left-brain faculties to explain complex concepts through right-brain simplicity.

Steven has returned to University at the tender age of 46 to consolidate his skills in Physics and Nanotechnology. He has learned that the combination of “Metaphysical Mind Science” is closely aligned to “Physical & Quantum Science Realm”. He also draws on the vast resource of the higher self that he teaches in all his works.

Steven believes modern philosophers and metaphysicians have made personal development into a science therefore making it far to complex and specialized, just like the secret societies of old that concealed universal truths.

Steven believes in simple forms of metaphysics such as The Law of Projection that anyone on a personal quest can grasp and easily pass onto others.


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